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Full product list and current prices.

Here is the list of items we sell at Jumble Lane printing. Although as in the 3D printed kits there are specific products we also supply bespoke work and there is no fixed pricing to all products. The Back-scenes for instance may be just two feet long and ten inches high. On the other hand it may be twenty feet long and just under two feet high. The cost of both with be different so we quote for all bespoke work before producing the product.We pride ourselves in providing a very affordable product of quality and economical pricing and the prices quoted below reflect this. We have no control over shipping costs. At some times we offer sales on items and offers at shows.

At times we also offer offers and discounts through the MRYCG facebook page to MRYCG members where we produce all MRYCG merchandise.

All prices below are current as of May 2021

Items in the 3D printed range. Please note that resin printed items are normally supplied ready to paint. Some come in suitable coloured resin and do not require painting.

Post Boxes A set of 12 post boxes of 3 designs ready to paint in that famous Post Office Red colour. Due to the design chosen they will suit layouts and diorama’s of different era’s.

Price per pack: £6.00

Market Stalls There are 4 market stalls in a pack and come in kit form comprising of the frames, table and canopy. Each part is a separate colour and suitable to paint if required. This item has been filament printed.

Price per pack: £5.00

Turntable Surrounds: This pack has six curved segments, more than enough to complete the circle of the turntable perimeter. The segments can be cut to length to fit in between the roads and there are 8 small segments which sit in-between the tracks of each road. Please note if you require any more of these small fillets let us know when ordering and they will be supplied free of charge. The packs come in two variations where one is plain cobbles and one has raised brick lines which replicate the earlier manpower turntables where the bricks helped by putting your feet against them while pushing. These will fit the PECO and HELJAN turntables.

Price per pack: £5.00

Hot Tubs: Designed to look like a garden hot tub they are printed in brown and blue filament to look like the real thing, make your gardens on the layout look good.

Price per pack: £2.50

Trampolines: A trampoline for the kids in the garden, comes in kit form ready to glue together and paint to suit.

Price per pack: £2.00

Paddling pools: Comes in two arts, a blue outer part and white inner just like a 10-12 foot kids paddling pool, another great addition to the gardens on the modern layout.

Price per pack: £2.50

IBC: There are two ‘push together’ items in this pack and comes complete with decals for the product/hazard label. Resin printed in grey for the cage, white for the tank and black for the pallet. Great on and TMD / Workshop area on your layout.

Price per pack: £4.00

Platform Clock Kit: This kit includes all the parts to assemble a tall Victorian style platform clock. Not for the feint hearted maybe but includes all the parts to assemble including the LED, resistor and choice of decal clock faces.

Price per pack: £4.50

Shopping trolleys: There are six shopping trolleys in each pack, they are grey resin printed to replicate the finish of the common supermarket shopping trolley.

Price per pack: £3.00

Shopping trolley park: To compliment the shopping trolley pack, this pack includes a tubular steel design frame for the shopping trolleys and comes complete with notice board ready for you to paint and decorate as required. Two sets of stacked trolleys are also supplied in this pack to make it look complete with it full of trolleys ready to be used by shoppers.

Price per pack: £3.50

Oil Drums: A pack of Oil Drums of two designs which are Drums stood up on end and some lying in a frame.

Price per pack: £2.50

Platform Access Steps: Two sets of steps in a tubular steel design rails and diamond grid steps with RSJ style string and support. This pack is very delicate due to the fine super detail of the resin printed product.

Price per pack: £2.50

Garden table and chairs: Another tiny delicate set of models to add to that garden scene, based on an old fashioned cast iron set of tables and chairs. Also suitable for the seating area of a platform Café.

Price per pack: £3.00

Picnic / Pub table and umbrellas: A set of two tables, two open umbrellas and two closed. Great for any scene outside a pub or in a garden, printed in grey resin ready to paint in colours of your own choice.

Price per pack: £3.00

Gravestones: (updated pack) This extended pack features all the stones from the original pack with more designs. A total of 59 stones included in this pack. Simple weathering using a black or dark muddy wash brings out the lettering on some of the stones. You can easily deface or cut away at some stones to make them look old and neglected.

Price per pack: £7.00

Gower Plated bridge sides (220mm x 30mm): This pack contains the parts to complete two sides of a plated steel construction of bridge sides complete with rivets! This pack requires construction and painting, a suitable clear wash brings out he detail of the construction and rivets.

There will be more in this series making different sizes of bridge spans coming soon, please ask if you have a particular size in mind.

Price per pack: £7.50

Steel Mesh Security Fencing: You may think that this is HERAS™ fencing. In fact that is a trade name and is a widely miss-used term. For that company it is one of many products or services they produce. Based on the design of the steel mesh panels which sit into large rubber blocks for feet and clamp together to form a line of secure fencing. Produced in grey resin for the panel and black resin for the feet blocks, they slot together requiring only a tiny bit of glue at each tab to join the panels. It is best that you plan your span of panels and sticking down the first foot and using a panel to measure for the next foot. Place the panels in the feet with the tab to one side and repeat. Make sure the panels are facing the same way so there is a tab to join to the next panel, check here for full instructions.

Price per pack: £4.50

Open All Hours: Another design requested by a customer. Based on items seen outside a hardware store this set of items includes Shovels, Forks, Rakes, Brooms, Buckets, Coal Scuttle’s, Watering cans and two sizes of whicker laundry baskets. These items are very tiny and delicate and are supplied fixed to their supports from during printing. It is advised some supports are removed and the surfaces cleaned up before painting.

Price per pack: £5.00

War Memorials: A range of war memorials which there are four designs so far which are based on real life memorials. Each design comes with a set of 15 poppy wreath’s of which there are three different styles. Please see additional notes on wreath’s All packs are priced the same except the ‘Suffolk’ which is priced lower as the statue in the kit is not charged for and the cost of this element has been deducted. The Kits are named ‘Gostrey’, ‘Suffolk’, ‘Coventry’ and ‘Shirley’. All items are supplied ready to paint and weather to your taste.

Price per pack: £4.00 (Suffolk £3.75)

Memorial Accessories: A set of 30 poppy wreaths of three designs to add to a war memorial pack.

Note: Some wreath packs have been printed using grey resin and will require removing from the supports to enable painting the backs green if required. Where stocks are available green resin has been used where possible so the rear of the wreath does not need painting. Memorial packs will contain wreaths of either grey or green resin as stocks dictate.

Price per pack: £1.50

More items are being added so keep watching out for more soon.